18 May 2012


I have mixed feelings about surveys.   I don't like answering the phone to find that someone wants information (this still occurs even though we're on the "Do Not Call" register).   On the other hand, I have been known to compromise my principles when my interest is aroused (see  http://nocobwebs-gxh.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/phone-surveys.html ) .  

I was recently phoned by a bank who wanted me to answer a survey about a particular branch that I sometimes use.    Since the branch concerned has been designed in a more "modern" format (where it's a challenge to find the counter that you need), I once again put aside my usual  aversion to phone surveys and let them have the benefit of my (mainly negative) thoughts.

A little while back I received by mail a survey about the treatment I had received during my recent medical issue.   At least the fact that this arrived by mail was less intrusive, but I thought 4 pages of questions a bit excessive, especially as the essence of my answer to virtually all of them would have been along the lines of, "I got the service I paid for and expected, everyone concerned appeared to do their job, and I didn't seem to encounter any real mistakes".   I struggle to express this in terms of a rating on a scale of 1 to 5.  I suppose, if pressed, I'd characterise the response as being "4 - good".   

The upshot was, why bother, and I put the survey aside.   I've now  received a follow-up letter politely encouraging me to return it.   I'm still considering whether or not to do so, but at present it looks as though inertia will prevail!

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