28 May 2012

Warm welcome to Belgrade

We were really warmly welcomed in Belgrade (although the weather is a little cooler than in Paris, which is nice)!   Ljubisa met us at the airport, and after dropping our baggage at Rada's, we headed over to Branislav and Gordana's lovely apartment where we had a wonderful lunch.  Milutin was also present, as was Gordana's mother.  A number of kumovi dropped in too!    But we were especially pleased to meet little Mihailo and new-born Pavle for the first time.  Branislav and Gordana are obviously proud parents!
There was lots of wide-ranging discussion, including about the political scene in both Serbia and Australia (probably best not to go there in a blog!)

Branislav has fitted me out with a wireless dongle, and Milutin helped us with tram/bus cards.   We're also working through a local sim card for Sue's phone.
Then after returning with Rada, she whisked up some proja for supper.  Wonderful!


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