23 May 2012

Rambling around

Tuesday afternoon (22 May):   We went for a wander during the afternoon, to get back into the feel of Paris. One of the things on our list was to get a Berthillon ice cream on nearly Ile St Louis (see http://www.berthillon.fr/)  (T and W highly recommended it).  But we were there today - Tuesday.  The place was closed.  A look at the website explained that -
Nous sommes ouverts du mercredi au dimanche de 10 h. à 20 h. sans interruption
    et fermés le lundi et le mardi
Oh well, Sue is really a gelati person anyway! She got one from Amorino, which we subsequently noticed was mentioned in one of the guide books as a good place to go.    Ignoring  the other nearby shops that also sell Berthillon, she consumed her gelati on the footpath outside their closed store!

Wedding photo
(EDIT) We crossed one of the Seine bridges with thousands of padlocks attached by lovers. This is the bridge behind Notre Dame leading to Ile de la Cite (not sure of its name!)  In my original post, I referred to it as Pont des Arts, but this is further down the river.   There are also locks on  Pont des Arts but not as many,  as the ones on Pont des Arts were cut off in May 2010 (see http://bonjourparis.com/story/padlocks-paris-love-incarcerated/) - although I can report that they are again beginning to collect there.   In any case, the railings on the bridge are mostly covered with locks of all shapes and sizes, although for some reason, the down-river side seems more popular than the upstream side. 


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