21 May 2012


Sue says 3 would have been nice, but one will have to do
21 May:   We're on the final count-down to departure.    Sue has insisted on having the right to approve the clothes I have packed.    This is something new, but she doesn't seem to have much confidence that I have the right sense of style for Paris and Belgrade.    It's true that I tend to take a "utilitarian approach", but  I'm told  that this just isn't good enough.  The sorting out has all taken some time, but we do seem to be getting there.
Meanwhile, for our last night before departure, we had dinner at Something Italian with J, B, N and T.  Great to catch up, and that red (wine) was good, too! The fact that we had red pullovers was a mere coincidence (but, as it turned out, highly appropriate).  However, I ought to have learned by now that any caffeine after 6 pm gives me a restless night!

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