31 May 2012

A day at Obrenovac

We spent Wednesday at Obrenovac.   I hadn't previously caught a bus from the Belgrade bus station, but it was hassle-free (although speaking Serbian meant that we didn't have to see whether we could have got by in English).    You do have to know where to get off the bus.  We knew it was going past Obrenovac, but it passed by the bus station there, so we had to think quickly and get off at the next stop.   Obrenovac is a pleasant town  about 25 kms south west of Belgrade.  I was interested that cyrillic was much more used around town than latin script,  with many signs  being only in cyrillic (except the all-pervasive advertisements, of course).   On the other hand,  in Belgrade, although there is a lot of cyrillic, latin is also commonly used.

On arrival, we caught up with Tetka Radmila and Tanja, then Tanja took an afternoon off from her professional life (as a divorce lawyer) and took us to a lovely lunch at restoran Zabran in the woodlands out of town.   I had a local lamb dish, and Sue had a fish dish (we were told that the fish had been caught locally in the River Sava). 
Following a leisurely lunch on the deck, we returned to town to have coffee and cake with Sue's cousin Ljubo, wife Gordana, and daughter Marija and son Damjan.   

It was a lovely spring day, and we sat on the balcony.  Interestingly, during the discussion the severity of last year's winter was mentioned - the temperature reached minus 25 degrees, and there was a metre of snow in the town's streets.    Seems that I will have to update my post a little while back about Murder on the Orient Express, to mention the possibility of severe snow storms in this area (Obrenovac, like Vinkovci, is on the Danube/Sava flood plain).

Tanja and her friend Marijana then very kindly gave us a lift back to Belgrade.

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